Monday, 9 December 2013

La Bourse Hair Serum & Crystal Hair Serum

La Bourse Hair Serum & Crystal Hair Serum
**RM 36 (WM) & RM 40 (EM)**
Including postage…

30 ml
With Sunscreen & Vitamin E, Jojobar Oil Hair Treatment For Damaged And Split-end Hair

Anti-sunlight Serum Vitamin E + Jojobar Oil To nourish and prevent your beloved hair to get weighted, not dry including protecting from sunlight and pollutions, not sticky. Have good smell. You shall feel the amazing changes when only use for the first time.
With additional Sunscreen & Vitamin E gives an extra shine for your hair. Immediately softer, visibly smooth at the first application and remains in the hair without stickiness and oiliness. Bringing your hair a naturally beautiful and healthy look.

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